Odd Thomas Series by Dean R. Koontz

Lately I've been obsessed with reading the Odd Thomas series by Dean R. Koontz. I've read almost the entire series (two books left) in just under 2 weeks. Why am I so obsessed with this series? Well, lets see...

First, Dean R. Koontz is a completely amazing, wonderfully talented, totally awesome, extremely gifted writer. Since I'm a writer myself, I love reading books by writers who tell a good story. Dean R. Koontz also has a gift for description and characterization, plus he's really skilled at coming up with some of the oddest, yet totally plausible, stories I've ever read.

Second, I really like Odd Thomas, the character. He's a genuine guy. He's got good morals. He wants to do the right thing. He likes to help people. Now, how many REAL people can you say that about?

Third, Dean R. Koontz loves dogs. I, myself, am a real dog lover. Dean treats dogs with love in his stores, just as a person should treat a dog. One thing I DETEST in a story is when the writer kills off the beloved pet at the end! That's just not right. This theme is so popular that I have started to cringe every time I pick up a book with a beloved pet in it. I usually put these sorts of books back because, well, I love my pets and just cannot take it when the writer kills off someone else's pets at the end of the book. As an animal lover, and particularly a lover of dogs, I appreciate that Dean R. Koontz allows dogs to play a role in his stories without killing them off in the end. Thanks, Dean, for that!

So, if you're looking for a good read to enjoy again, and you like fantastic writers, great characters, odd stories and authors that don't kill off the beloved family pet, perhaps you should take a look at the Odd Thomas series yourself.

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