That Summer by Jo Huddleston

THAT SUMMER Jo Huddleston An inspirational Southern historical novel The Great Depression brings devastation to the Southern Appalachians but love’s triangle survives. To escape his poppa’s physical abuse and their dirt-poor farm life, Jim flees to an imagined prosperous city life where he can make his own choices, ignoring God patiently knocking on his heart’s door. Settled in town, Jim strays from God and the way of faith his momma taught him. He meets a girl and loses his heart … and meets another girl and loses his willpower. Jim wrestles with social and moral dilemmas as he makes a choice beside Caney Creek that will alter the lives of five people. That Summer is Book #1 in the Caney Creek Series. Book #2 and #3 are scheduled to release in April 2013 and September 2013, respectively. Follow the Callaway family through all three books. Live their triumphs, sorrows, achievements, and losses. Walk along with them as they meet faith challenges and fight to regain a rightful place in God's plan.

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The Final Hour By Andrew Klavan

The Final Hour
By Andrew Klavan

Charlie West is in prison. Scared, alone, betrayed... He struggles for a way to keep his faith strong. Plagued by memory loss and painful bouts of memory return, he struggles to remember the details that landed him in prison. He knows this much: he allowed himself to be framed in order to help take down a terrorist cell.

But he soon finds out that his actions might have been in vain. The terrorists are still out there - plotting to destroy Americans. As Charlie's memories return bit by bit, he realizes that he is the only one who can stop then. And time is running out.

The Final Hour has an excellent message for Christians. Persevering in the face of adversity is ALWAYS the best option, no matter how hard it may be. Doing the right thing is worth it - and possible with God's help.

Do you love words?

If you're a voracious reader, the answer to that question is probably a resounding "yes"!
You're not alone. I, too, love words.
But, sometimes words just don't love me back.
Sometimes, I just cannot think of another word for the word that I want to use.
Sometimes, I would like to know what words rhyme with the word that I am thinking about.
Other times, I would just really like to know if I'm saying the word, that I have only just read, the right way.

Mind Mods by Jae Worth

Someone is messing with the minds of the teens at Julie's school and using them all as a bunch of lab rats. Quite by accident, she finds herself among the few who are unaffected. Forced into the role of rescuer, she must find a way to save the ones she loves, help her classmates before their minds are gone forever and outsmart those who are trying to modify her mind. Read Mind Mods on Kindle.

Destiny's Promise by Janeau L'voe

Destiny's Promise An anthology containing: The Imminent Future: Meet Sylver Dreeming, the foremost geo-thermal expert for CosmoTeck. Follow her efforts to find a solution to the problem of Earth's overpopulation in the year 2193.

Daughter's Destiny: Is a daughter's healing strength enough to save her mother from the evil that has stalked her across an entire mountain? Can love change the nature of the beast that only wishes to do harm?

Spellfire by Jessica Andersen

Imprisoned and tortured, Rabbit knows that even if he can escape, there is no going back. Although an ancient prophecy says his unique powers are key to winning the Nightkeepers' final battle, he's lost his magic.

He has betrayed the one woman he loved and although he wants to make amends, Myrinne's not prepared to face the fierce man he's become or the dangerous feelings he sparks in her.

Dire Wants by Stephanie Tyler

The supernatural world is rising up against the human one. The weretrappers want control, and only the immortal Dire wolves stand in the way of total destruction. Stray, a Dire, and his long-lost brother, Killian, emerge as the leaders of their pack. To keep themselves and the humans safe, the Dires need a witch as powerful as Seb, who betrayed the Dires to work for the weretrappers.


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